About Us

Recognized as a West Coast leader in real estate asset services and management, Blair Commercial Management has earned a reputation for excellence with our wide client base of individuals, financial institutions, public agencies and more.

We have delivered consistently high levels of service to our clients for more than 25 years. Blair Commercial Management offers a strong combination of the entrepreneurial creativity associated with the best local firms along with the accountability that is a key component of successful international companies.

Managing office, industrial, retail, residential and mixed-use properties for third-party clients, Blair offers the most comprehensive commercial management services available. Our full-service management allows investors the assurance of knowing fundamental daily operations are being covered in an asset management approach.

Our team of experienced property management specialists work closely with you to develop and manage a customized program that focuses on cost-efficient operations, tenant retention, and ensuring the highest possible dollar-per-square-foot leases. To accomplish this, we monitor market trends, prepare and constantly adjust competitive leasing and marketing strategies, and our skilled managers think like owners, using their entrepreneurial expertise to find effective, low-cost solutions to all your property issues. We know that the key to doing our job right is to keep clients’ expenses low and their income high. Our staff is supported by state-of-the-art resources that enhance efficiencies, minimize costs, and increase productivity.

Working with Blair Commercial Management guarantees that your properties will be managed ethically, honestly and professionally. Our property managers are organized, skilled communicators who are knowledgeable in local laws and ordinances. We exhaustively scrutinize contracts with vendors and tenants alike. Our property managers excel at tenant relations by showcasing our patience and problem-solving abilities.

We thoroughly maintain accurate financial records and understand the importance of ensuring that your property is within legal requirements across the board.

Whether managing 25-unit apartment buildings, major industrial parks or high-rise office towers, our firm brings the hands-on attention to detail, the technological sophistication, and the leveraged purchasing power that is crucial for all types of real estate.